1. Personal details received (name, email, company, country and any other not stated here, excluding invoice details) will be used only for registration on the Event and for all management purposes by *CLIENT FULL DESIGNATION*, after previous and explicit consent from the user.

2. *CLIENT FULL DESIGNATION* from now on *CLIENT*, with VAT XXXXXXXXX and headquarters in XXXXXXXXX, is the entity responsible for the data treatment.

3. The personal detail "email" is always required so we can send relevant notifications regarding the registration, such as changes and other useful information of the event. Without this data it is impossible to attend to user requests.

4. The rest of the personal details (name, company, country and any other not stated here, excluding invoice details) allows us to customize all comunications and generate performance analisys and improve contents.

5. Data regarding invoicing (name, entity, address, VAT Number, telephone e any other not stated here) will be exclusively used for financial and accounting procedures regarding the registration for the Event.

6. All data received will not be used for any other purposes and will be kept by *CLIENT* for 2 years.

7. You can exercise your rights (access, correction, deletion, limitation, oposition, portability) by contacting us through the following e-mail *EVENT EMAIL*, without loosing the right to present a complaint to the data protection authority.

8. When you send us your details, these will be stored and protected by safety protocols adequated for internet comunications.

9. *CLIENT* will only provide your details to service providers for the porpuses stated above regarding registration, event communication and invoicing.

10. When you send your personal details, these will be stored and secured in a limited access server.

11. You can revoke the present consent at any time.

12. We will not use your personal details for any other purpose without your previous explicit consent.