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    • Guidelines

      The following guidelines are provided to assist you to submit your abstract.
      Please follow the instructions when completing the abstract form and please be aware of the word limits.
      Abstracts can only be submitted online and in English.
      There is a limit of one presentations (oral and/or poster) for a single registered presenting author. This however does not exclude the opportunity to be a co-author in an unlimited number of abstracts
      Accepted abstracts will be removed from the programme if no presenting author is registered and paid by 1 April 2019.

      Begin by filling in the information about the authors, indicating first author, co-authors (if applicable) and presenter.
      Enter the title and select the theme, subtheme and format of your submission (oral or poster). Add any relevant and applicable keywords (max. of 5).
      If it is an oral or a poster presentation you must add an abstract. The abstract text should have a maximum of 250 words and should be organized as follows: Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the submission process is completed you will be provided (by email) with an individual key and abstract code, which you should keep in your records.
      Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email of the abstract submission. If you need to withdraw or change information in your submission you will have to contact eeflisbon2019@leading.pt and refer your abstract code.
      For additional submissions you will have to use the same process and the system will generate an additional/new abstract key and code, which will be included in your personal area.

      Key Dates

      1 October, 2018 - Abstract submission opening
      28 February, 2018 - Abstract submission closing at 23h59 UTC+0
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      Do you authorize that your slides are published online in the Conference website?
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      Presentation Format
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