• GuidelinesData Limite 28/02/2021 23:59:59 UTC+0

    • Before submitting your proposal, we recommend to carefully read the information provided in the document Call for Proposals

      Submission of symposia must comply with the following guidelines:

      1. Please consult the strands available to ensure the submission of your symposium to the most relevant strand.

      2. Submission:

      a) Only symposia submitted through the platform and by the chairperson will be accepted.

      b) The submission of the full symposium in divided by steps:
             i. First screen in only to insert the chairperson and discussant information, the short abstract of the symposium and the exteded abstract.*
            ii. After submiting the information indicated in the previous point, click the green button at the end of the screen to continue the submission and now you must start submitting the information of the first paper within the symposium.
           iii. When you finish inserting the information of the first paper, click "Submit and continue" at the bottom of the screen. Repeat the process until you reach the last paper of the symposium, as here you will have to choose the option "Submit and finish".

      NOTE: Even if you do not have the full information on all the abstracts, the chairperson can always access it's personal area and edit the submision.

      * For each symposium proposal you need to prepare and submit at the same time:
       - A short abstract, up to 600 words, of the symposium in general;
      An extended summary of the full symposium, uploaded to the platform in PDF - The document must be submitted as a single one and can consist of up to a maximum of 13 pages (first one with the information regarding the symposium itself and a 600 word abstrct, plus a maximum of 12 pages representing the extended abstracts of each single papers that compose the symposium - the extended abstract must follow this template).
      Important: In the extended summary, do not insert your name and refrain from revealing your identity in any other way in this document.

      3. The symposium chairperson submitting the proposal will receive the evaluation notification and other e-mail messages to the email indicated in the "Contacts" field at the online submission form.

      4. Presenters of accepted symposia will be required to register and pay the conference fee in order to be included in the conference programme.

      5. Please be informed that only one person per single paper will be considered as presenter.

      6. Please note that the presenter name cannot be altered without previous consent of the scientific committee.

  • Privacidade
    • Ao aceder ao website do evento e ao participar em qualquer uma das suas actividades, aceita os termos e condições estabelecidos na política de privacidade de dados.
  • Autores
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  • Contactos
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  • Declaração
    • I have read and agree with the submission guidelines as presented by ESERA 2021

  • Permissões
    • Presenters authorize the ESERA 2021 organisers to include their submitted symposium in the abstract book and online programme

      Presenters authorize the ESERA 2021 organisers to include their recorded audio/video presentation, in the quality and format provided, to be visualised online (streaming) by participants during the session slot in the conference programme and to be kept in the ESERA 2021 conference online archive with on demand access only by the conference participants, during 30 days following the Conference closing date.

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